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Key features

  • Send yourself last minute email, text, and/or IM reminders for your Watch List items.
  • Get seller alerts for just about all buyer actions.
  • Quick and easy to use.


There are two main features to eTextAlert. The first gives you to send yourself last minute reminders for items you’re watching. The second allows you to get text or email alerts for certain buyer actions such as when they ask you a question or purchase one of your items.

Feature 1, Seller Alerts

This gives you the ability to send yourself text, email, and/or IM alerts based on certain buyer actions. Get an alert when someone asks you question, when someone bids on one of your items, when someone buys a fixed priced item or wins an auction, when someone actually pays you, and when someone leaves you feedback. We also give you the ability to filter the alerts to specific items and times. So if you only want to be notified when a certain item sells you can do that. This can really help if you sell drop ship items along with items you stock and need to know right away when the drop ship item sells so you can start the shipping process. You can also filter the alerts so they only get sent during certain times of the day, and you can even filter the feedback alerts by type (positive, neutral, negative).

Feature 2, Watch List Alerts

This gives you the ability to set yourself reminders sent via text, email, and/or IM (instant message) for all auctions on your Watch List. Say goodbye to sticky notes. Why not send yourself a text reminder instead?

Top Reasons to use Watch List Alerts?

  • It’s the easiest way to remind yourself of an auction.
  • You can pick and choose which auctions to get alerts for and when to send them.
  • You can set it to automatically send you alerts of all items you’re watching.
  • Get alerts sent by email, text, and IM. Pick one or all three!

  • VERY HELPFUL FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS I signed up for the text alerts and was notified when I got bids, items sold, best offer, customer questions. It made doing business with... read more

    alexandrapo Avatar

    Keeps me up to date. I use this mainly to let me know when I have questions on my auctions and for a few other things. There are a wide... read more

    kcparade Avatar
  • AWESOME! AWESOME! Helps me ship faster, answer emails quickly and run my business efficiently.

    trendy-eyes Avatar

    Great subscription! It keeps our store in constant contact with our customers.

    ogoomartcenter Avatar

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